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Town and Castle on the Hill Castle Overlooking the Houses Streets Winding up the Hill Quaint Houses Vilafames Church Castle Above the Palms Castle

The small historic town of Vilafames (Villafames in Valencian) lies approximately 20Km from the city of Castellon and the Costa del Azahar coast, on the northern end of the Sierra de les Conteses.
The town has narrow streets which wind up the hill, past the church, to the Moorish castle at the top, with amazing views of the surrounding countryside from this elevated position.
Archaeological finds in and around the town have shown that the area has been populated for at least 80,000 years, though much of the present old town dates from Moorish times.

The surrounding area is mostly agricultural, growing olives, almonds, and vines, though in recent years, a significant ceramic tile industry has developed.

The town has a small number of bars, restaurants, and shops.

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