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Map of the Vinaros area.

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More Information on the Sales Property id: 1095

Type of Location: Coastal
Region: Valencia
Province: Castellon
Near Town:Vinaros

Property Type: Finca
Last Updated:

Price: 159950

Image of property with description below

Image of property with description below

Image of property with description below

Image of property with description below

Image of property with description below

Image of property with description below

Vinaros is situated south of the Ebro Delta, just within the Valencia region. The Delta being approximately 45 minutes away and famous for it's fishing and wildlife sanctuary. Pink flamingoes can be seen there.

The town lies on a sweeping bay, with two smaller towns close by. Firstly, Benicarlo, a small town with a strong fishing influence having an interesting marina and good shops. Secondly, Peniscola, considered to be the 'jewel' of the three. Boasting a famous castle, used in the film El Cid (Charlton Heston), popular with Spanish, French and German visitors and having a small English ex-pat community.


A Chalet type, three bedrooms, bathroom, lounge/kitchen combined, approximately 10 years old. It has gas central heating and a WOOD BURNER fitted in lounge. Two rooms have underfloor heating. There is a garage and outside store. The garden area is walled and fenced. The garden is split into decorative and vegetable plot. The vegetable plot is very productive throughout the year and keeps the freezer well stocked.


The area of land surrounding the property is approximately 17,000 square metres ( > 4 acres) mainly planted with 10 year old olive trees, around 100 in total. About 50% of the land has not been planted and thus can be put to any use. The land also has almonds, grapes, figs, cherries, pomegranates, apricots, apples, oranges and mandarins.
The land is divided with a dry barranco (River bed). This has been left wild and attracts much wild life. My neighbour has partly developed his section of the barranco by planting trees on the slopes.


Supplied through a water community with approximately 27 neighbours from a deep underground aquifer, having had a replacement pump fitted last year. The previous one having lasted over 30 years. We have found this to be a well run community, giving no problems.
The water for the property is stored in 2 tanks. One is above ground and holds 40,000 litres. This is filled by the communal pump in about 15 mins. This provides irrigation.
The second tank is below ground and is specifically for the house. This holds 10,000 litres and is filled from the larger tank. An automatic pump maintains the pressure of the water in the house.

Solar hot water backed up with electric immersion heater. The heater is rarely used, perhaps 5 times a year when the sun fails to shine for 3 consecutive days.


Mains supply. There is also a 250w grid connected solar panel which provides about 1KwH of power per day. This system could easily be extended.


Bottle gas supply to gas hob and also the CENTRAL HEATING system. Radiators fitted to all rooms except one bedroom, which has piped underfloor heating.


Sky tv providing english programs.
Internet via Orange 4G. 20Mbits download, 10Mbits upload (actual measurement).


Although we are in the campo (countryside) , the property is not isolated, having near neighbours, the property being the last on a quiet track. There is no through traffic although neighbours pass to the water pump house and others are generally working on their land round about.
All of the land surrounding us is agricultural. Mainly oranges and other citrus, olives, vines and apples, pears, cherries etc
All our neighbours are spanish but they are all friendly and helpful.


We are situated approximately 9 km from the beach (15-20 mins). 6 km to the edge of Vinaros.
The railway station is 6km away. It has good services north and south eg Valencia and Barcelona.
Close by are supermarkets, shopping centres, DIY stores etc.
Although not a large town, Vinaros has a good General Hospital and Health Centre.


Peniscola 10 km 20 mins
Reus airport 118 km 1 hr 18 mins (AP7)
118 km 1 hr 35 mins (A7)
Castellon 85 km 1 hr 10 mins (AP7)
85 km 1 hr 24 mins (N340)
Castellon airport
62 km 56 mins (AP7)
56 km 1 hr (N340)
Tarragona 122 km 1 hr 22 mins (AP7)
Barcelona 214 km 2 hrs 30 mins (AP7) 223 km 3 hrs 13 mins (N340)
Tortosa 55 mins

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