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The history of Spain

A brief insight into the intriguing history of Spain, taking from the first evidence of humans around 800,000 BC through the period of the Romans (218BC to AD409), the Vigigoths (409 - 711), the Moors (711 - 1492), the rise and fall of the Spanish Empire(1492 - 1900), leading upto the Civil War(1900 - 1939), Franco's time (1939 - 1975), and upto the present day
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Spanish Cuisine

This diverse country has some diverse cuisine.
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National Parks

Spain has some particularly beautiful and environmentally important National Parks, plus a large number of Natural Parks
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Spanish Grand Prix

Spain does of course have a formula 1 Grand Prix every year near Barcelona
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Travel Insurance

Dont forget your Eurpean Health Insurance Card (the replacement of the old E111) which will give some benefits in Spain. You may also want to consider travel insurance for extra cover