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The Roman theatre at Merida

The Roman Theatre at Merida, West Spain,
One of the many ancient relics to be seen

Spain has had an interesting past, with many different influences that have made it into the country it is today. Spain is often said to be different, and the various regions are often very different from each other as a result of the different influences to which they have secumed.

Here we lead you through the most important of those influences.

800,000 BC to 218 BC - From the first evidence of humans to the arrival of the Romans

218 BC to AD 409 - The time of the Romans

409 to 711 - The time of the Visigoths

711 to 1492 - The Moors

1492 to 1900 - Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire

1900 to 1939 - Changes, Unrest, Anarchy, then Civil War

1939 to 1975- The time of Franco

1975 to the present - Democracy