Golf Courses in Cordoba province, Andalucia, southern Spain
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golfers on a course by the sea

The two golf courses in Cordoba province give a choice between a municipal 9 hole semi rustic course, and a higher standard 18 hole course. The neighbouring provinces to the south offer a lot more although they are mostly near the coast, away from the borders with Cordoba

We have details including location maps of the following golf courses in Cordoba province .

Campo de Cordoba, a 18 hole course, 9 Km north of Cordoba
Golf Pozoblanco, a 9 hole course, 4Km south of Pozoblanco

There are also more golf courses to be found in neighbouring provinces:

Ciudad Real - 1 courses

Jaen - 1 courses

Granada - 3 courses

Malaga - 45 courses

Sevilla - 5 courses

Badajoz - 2 courses