Golf Courses in Cantabria, northern Spain
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golfers on a course by the sea
Map showing location of Cantabria

Along the Cantabrian coast of northern Spain you will find a good selection of golf courses, particularly around Santander. This includes municipal courses with reasonable green fees, and some stunning location by the sea or with mountain views.

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Golf courses in the region of Cantabria

In Cantabria province ordered from West to East

Golf Santa Marina, a 18 hole course, 50 Km west of Santander
Golf de Oyambre, a 9 hole course, 50km west of Santander
Club de Golf Rovacias, a 9 hole course, Comillas, 35Km west of Santander
Golf Nestares, a 18 hole course, 55 Km south of Santander
Abra del Pas, a 15 hole course, near Mogro, 15 Km west of Santander
Golf Matalenas, a 9 hole course, on the eastern side of Santander city
Junquera, a 9 hole course, 3Km from Santander Airport
Real Golf de Pedrena, a 27 hole course, 6Km east of Santander airport
Ramon Sota, a 9 hole course, 10km south east of Santander