Golf Courses in the Basque Region of Spain
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golfers on a course by the sea
Map showing location of Aragon

Not overcrowded but you will never be too far from a golf course in this prosperous region of northern Spain known for it's gastronomy. There are 9 and 18 hole courses in some excellent locations.

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Golf courses in the provinces of the Basque Region

In Vizcaya province ordered from West to East

Meaztegi Golf Club, a 18+9 hole course, 5Km north wwest of bilbao city centre.
Golf de Neguri, a 18 hole course, 16 Km north of Bilbao centre.
Palacio de Urgoiti Golf, a 9 hole course, 5Km north east of Bilbao city centre.
Laukariz, a 27 hole course, 12Km north west of Bilbao
Artxanda Golf, a 18+9 hole course, 5Km east of Bilbao

In Guipuzcoa province ordered from West to East

Zarauz Lauaxeta, a 9 hole course, in Zaruautz, 16 Km west of San Sebastian
Goiburu, a 9 hole course, 16 Km south of San Sebastian
San Sebastian Basozabal, a 18 hole course, 4 Km south of San Sebastian
Real Golf San Sebastian, a 18 hole course, 16Km east of San Sebastian

In Alava province ordered from North to South

Golf de Larrabea, a 18 hole course, 14 Km north of Vitoria

Zuia, a 9 hole course, 20 Km north west of Vitoria

Izki-Golf, a 18 hole course, between Vitoria and Logrono