Golf Courses in Albacete province, central east Spain
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golfers on a course by the sea

Albacete province, in the south east corner of the Castilla la Mancha region is not the golfing centre of Spain but it does have golf courses, ranging from a municipal semi rustic 9 hole course to a much more respectable 18 holes.

We have details including location maps of the following golf courses in Albacete province .

El Bonillo, a 9 hole course, 60 Km west of the city of Albacete
Las Pinaillas, a 18 hole course, 8 Km north of Albacete

There are also more golf courses to be found in neighbouring provinces:

Murcia - 18 courses

Granada - 3 courses

Jaen - 1 courses

Alicante - 18 courses

Valencia - 10 courses

Cuenca - 2 courses

Ciudad Real - 1 courses