Dunes of Corrubedo National Park, Galicia, north west Spain
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The Dunes of Corrubedo National Park , in the region of Galicia, nearly 1000 Ha of sand dunes, lagoons enclosed be hind a sand bar, numerous streams, a marshland area and belt of pine trees.
The largest and most important dune is up to 15m high, 200m wide and 1Km long, and it is moving.
The dune system and the ecosystems associated with it and the area behind it are very old and precious.

The park is an important example of dune vegetation, with a number or species and sub species that are indigenous to the area.

There is a visitor centre amongst the trees with plenty of information on the park and details of the 3 self guided walks.

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Map of the Dunes of Corrubedo National Park area.

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