As Fragas Do Eume Nature Park, Galicia, north west Spain
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The As Fragas Do Eume Nature Park is one Spains most important forest parks, having survived since Neolithic times (approximately 2,000 - 5,000BC) changing very little in that time, and extends to 9,000 Ha just inland from the coast between La Coruna and Ferrol.
The park has the added bonus of including a ruined monestry (now partly restored), the Monastery of Caaveiro, the oldest Benedictine monestry in Galicia, standing in a high area from where you have a view of the River Eume Valley.

This an Atlantic forest growing oaks (the dominant species), ash trees, chestnuts, birches, willows, maples, hazel trees, laurels and strawberry trees, below which exists a diverse range of microclimates.

The long-tailed salamander and the wildcat are typical of the area.

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Map of the As Fragas Do Eume Nature Park area.

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