The Food of Murcia region
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Map showing location of Murcia, south east Spain

The Food of Murcia

Murcia has a strong Arabic tradition in cooking and a wealth of produce from fertile fields.
Salads are a speciality here which includes Ensalada Murciana, escarole, tomatoes and watercress, also a dish combining sweet green and red peppers, Mojete Murciano. These are eaten with chunks of bread.

You will also find snails cooked with thyme, rosemary and fennel with a spicy tomato sauce, and Tortilla Murciana, an omelette with tomatoes, peppers courgette aubeergine and ham.

Menestra, like a vegetable garden, is a stew made up with most of the land's produce in one pot.

Dorada a la Sal is a popular fish dish covered with coarse salt baked and served with a garlic sauce, parsley and oil or a, garlic mayonnaise.

Fruit is plentiful in this area offering oranges, figs, grapes and many more.