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Spain is a large and diverse country. That diversity shows up in many ways, not least in its cuisine, the regional specialities and traditional dishes.


Home of Gaspacho soup and Ajo Blanco, in the very south of Spain.
More Information on Andalucian Cuisine.


Famous for it's Morcilla and the fish caught in the River Ebro and tributaries coming down from the Pyrenees.
Aragon Cuisine Information.


A region strongly influenced by the Atlantic coast an the production of milk on the local dairy farms.
Asturias Gastronomy

Basque Country

Again, a region strongly influenced by the Atlantic coastline with seafood specialities. The city of San Sebastian is reported to have more Michelin stars per population than Paris
The cuisine of the Basque Region


With the harvest of the Mediterranean, you will have a choice of fish dishes in this region which also grows a large area of rice on the River Ebro delta
Catalunya Cuisine


Some special fish and a special tortilla may be on the menu from this south eastern region
Murcia Cuisine


Running from the Pyerenees down to the River Ebro, a spicy sausage plus much more are specialities from this region.
Navarra Specialities


Homeof the Paella plus much more in this region where rice is grown on the wet lands south of the city.
Valencia Cuisine