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Gran Canaria

Our Gran Canaria climate data comes from the weather station at La Palmas, on the north east coast of the island.
As with the other Canary Islands, being much nearer to the equator than mainland Spain results in higher temperatures, yet in the summer, there is a cooling effect from the north easterly Trade Winds which together with the cooling effects of the Atlantic Ocean stop temperatures getting too high.
Consequently Gran Canaria has very mild winters without the summers becoming unbearably hot with on 6.3oC difference between the average tempatures for the highest and lowest months.
However there is always a possibility of an occasional easterly wind bringing hotter air from Africa.

Gran Canaria also has a very low rainfall with Las Palmas only receiving around 7 inches or 180mm per year, with practically nothing falling from May to September.
The island is roughly circular in shape with high ground in the centre reaching almost 2,000m or approximately 6,500ft, which will cause most of the islands rain to fall on the northern side.

Map of Gran Canaria area, Spain.

Daily average temperatures for Gran Canaria Graph showing average temperatures for Gran Canaria, Spain
Source: World Climate