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Spanish Climate

Would you like to see a Climate Map of Spain for each month the year showing temperatures accross the country?

The climate in spain is diverse, being affected by altitude (Spain is the second most mountainous county in Europe), the sea (Mediterranean or Atlantic Ocean) and continental effects (central spain is in effect in a large land mass).
There is also of course a significant difference between north and south Spain.

Mediterranean Spain has high sunshine levels, from 6 hours per day in the winter to 12 hours per day in summer. Winters are mild - much warmer than central Spain.
Rain is very rare from June to August though the northern Mediterranean coast may be liable to occasional heavy downpours.
In the south, there can occasionally occur a very hot wind from North Africa ( the Leveche) though sea breezes may stop temperatures from rising too high.

Central Spain and the Southern Atlantic coast has a generally low rainfall though winter snow can be heavy on the sierras.
Summers are generally hot, especially in the Guadalquivir valley of Northern Andalucia running out to Seville where some of the highest temperatures are recorded.
Sunshine levels average 5 hours per day in winter and 12 hours per day in summer. This area can be notably windy with the winds being cold if comming from snow covered sierras.

North and North West Spain can be influenced by depressions from the Atlantic, particularly in the autumn and winter, making this the wettest and cloudiest part of Spain.
Sunshine levels average 3 hours per day during the winter and 8 hours per day in the summer.
Summer temperatures are lower than other parts of Spain but with much warm and sunny weather.

The information below is intended to be a guide to average temperatures you may expect while on holiday in Spain.
This information has been collected from centres throughout Spain but please bear in mind that local weather can be influenced by many factors, particularly altitude (temperatures can be expected to drop by 0.7 deg C for every 100m in altitude and the rainfall will increase).
As with all weather data, it is based on historical data.

These are average temperatures, NOT daily maximums.

 Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun    Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec 
Albacete More Albacete Climate Info
Alicante 11.512.213.915.719.022.425.325.723.519.115.012.1 More Alicante Climate Info
Almeria 12.513.214.916.719.223.025.726.124.920.616.813.9 More Almeria Climate Info
Badajoz 8.810.112.214.518.122.325.525.122.617.512.49.1 More Badajoz Climate Info
Barcelona 8.89.711.312.916.019.823.323.521.617.613.010.2 More Barcelona Climate Info
Bilbao 8.610.311.113.315.718.720.821.219.515.611.68.8 More Bilbao Climate Info
Burgos More Burgos Climate Info
Caceres 8.69.612.113.316.922.226.025.823.517.512.69.3 More Caceres climate Info
5.97.810.912.516.522.126.025.522.215.910.56.8 More Ciudad Real Climate Info
Cordoba 9.310.913.615.318.923.927. More Cordoba Climate Info
Granada 6.58.511.213.016.521.925.024.321.916.211.37.8 More Granada Climate Info
Ibiza 11.912.313.515.218.122.325.526.124.220.616.613.6 More Ibiza Climate Info
La Coruna More La Coruna Climate Info
Leon More Leon Climate Info
Logrono 6.27.510.111.615.219.822.722.320. More Logrono Climate Info
Madrid More Madrid Climate Info
10.510.711.813.717. More Menorca Climate Info
Malaga 12.112.914.715.718.722.625.125.123.619.616.013.3 More Malaga Climate Info
Oviedo 8.28.810.210.913.316.018.618.718.214.811.69.8 More Oviedo Climate Info
Palma 10.411.012.514.717.921.824.825.223.118.714.511.5 More Palma Climate Info
(Near Cadiz)
12.113.615.316.719.122.324.925.124.420.516.813.3 More Rota Climate Info
Salamanca More Salamanca Climate Info
San Javier
10.811.713.515.117.721.624.225.123.319.515.412.2 More Murcia Climate Info
San Sebastian More San Sebastian Climate Info
Santander 9.69.811.312.114.517.019.119.418.716.112.610.7 More Santander Climate Info
Sevilla 10.612.214.916.119.524. More Sevilla Climate Info
Soria2. More Soria Climate Info
Valencia 10.511.513.515. More Valencia Climate Info
Valladolid More Valladolid Climate Info
Zaragoza6. More Zaragoza Climate Info
17.217.518.819. More Lanzarote Climate Info
16.716.617.518.119.421.023.223.623.721.719.717.3 More Fuerteventura Climate Info
La Palma
17.817.718.418.619.621.522.923.723.822.720.819.2 More La Palma Climate Info
Gran Canaria
17.317.418.018.619.621.122.823.623.322.420.418.2 More Gran Canaria Climate Info
17.617.618.319.120.322.124.324.924.222.720.518.5 More Tenerife Climate Info

Data Source: World Climate