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Mora d'Ebre is situated on the River Ebro (one of Spain's great rivers - the longest in Spain and and having the largest flow of any in the Iberian peninsula) and lying around 25 Km inland from the Costa Dorada.

This is a location away from the main tourist areas, but they are within reach if you want them.

40 Km to the south is the River Ebro Delta, a large part of which became a National Park in 1983, an important wetland from wildlife point of view (over 300 species of birds) and the location of rice growing in paddy fields.
The Ebro river itself is famous for its coarse fishing - guided fishing trips available in the area.

The nearest railway staion is just across the river at Mora La Nova, from where approximately 4 regional trainsperday run to Zaragoza (journey time 2hrs 50 minutes, and 6perday to Reus, Tarragona (journey time 1 hr), and Barcelona (journey time 2hrs 30 minutes)

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