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Walls Encircle the Old City The Wall One of the 9 Gates Avila Cathedral Convent

Avila, the capital city of the Avila province is the highest city in Spain 1,127m above sea level and is famous for its medieval stone city walls and towers which remain complete today.

The walls, built in the 11th to 14th centuries, have an average height of 12m, are 3m thick, and run for a length of 2.5Km with 9 gates into the old city. Today, the city obviously spreads beyond these walls but there is still a considerable length of wall that is still the city boundary. Other buildings of not include the cathedral built in the 12th to 16th centuries, is attached to the city wall, and has an appearance as much like a castle as a cathedral.

Some of the typical gastronomy of the city also show links back to its medieval past, including roast lamb, fried trout, grilled steak, stewed partridge and bean stew.

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