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Map of the Carboneras area.

Nearest airport(s) to Carboneras are:
Average temperatures for Almeria, our most relevant data to Carboneras
Graph showing average temperatures for Almeria

Review of Agua Amarga

Province: Almeria
Nearest Town: Carboneras

Date Visited: August 2
Date Reviewed: 13/09/06
Reviewed by:anon anon

Location: 10Km south of Carboneras
Image of Agua Amarga with description below

Agua Amarga beach in February

Image of Agua Amarga with description below

AguaAmarga beach in August

One of our (and many of our visitors) favourate places on the Almeria coastline. A small place with 3 or 4 restaurants looking imediately onto the golden sandy blue flag beach.
During the summer there will be some activity of small boats out in the bay creating a very peaceful scene.
Most of the voices you here will be spanish!