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Map of the Sorbas area.

Nearest airport(s) to Sorbas are:
Average temperatures for Almeria, our most relevant data to Sorbas
Graph showing average temperatures for Almeria

Review of Cuevas de Sorbas

Province: Almeria
Nearest Town: Sorbas

Date Visited: 10/04/06
Date Reviewed: 10/04/06
Reviewed by:anon anon

Location: About 2Km from Sorbas on the road heading for exit 504 on the E-15 N340 motorway
Image of Cuevas de Sorbas with description below

Navigating one of the more difficult parts of the basic route

Image of Cuevas de Sorbas with description below

A close-up of the large gypsom crystals

Image of Cuevas de Sorbas with description below

One of the larger chambers on the basic route.

Image of Cuevas de Sorbas with description below

This person was on the Technico route

This is an extensive range of caves deep in the gypsom (crystalized calcium sulphate which almost transparent).
There are 3 routes:
Basica, lasting 1.5 hours
Combinada, lasting 3-4 hours
Technica, lasting 4-5 hours

With all 3 routes you are supplied with a protective helmet and light whilst on the Technico rout you are also supplied with protective overalls.

Even on the basic route you need to be prepared to be on your hands and knees at times or climbing over rocks.

The temperature in the caves is always in the range 15-18 deg C and do not have floodlights as you may expect for a tourist attraction. The caves are very much in their natural state and you rely on the light from your helmet light.
The cost is 11 Euros for adults on the basica route and 38.5 Euros on the techico route.

Opening times vary through the year - it may be worth phoning them on 950364704 first (they speak English)