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Map of the Tabernas area.

Nearest airport(s) to Tabernas are:
Average temperatures for Almeria, our most relevant data to Tabernas
Graph showing average temperatures for Almeria

Review of Fort Bravo

Province: Almeria
Nearest Town: Tabernas

Date Visited: 10/06/05
Date Reviewed: 28/11/05
Reviewed by:anon anon

Location: About 3km west of Tabernas on the A370
Image of Fort Bravo with description below

The old Saloon

Image of Fort Bravo with description below

I remeber this scene from somewhere

Image of Fort Bravo with description below

This old film studio is located in the stunning surroundings of the Tabernas desert and was the location for many of the old westerns.
There is a large number od scenes to wander around and the old saloon for refreshment where small shows and mock gunfights are laid on - probably more appealing to children.

We were lucky to also see a horse wispering demonstration (communicating with horses by body language).

There are going to be cross country horse rides available from early 2006 - fantastic cowboy country