Somiedo Natural Park, Asturias, northern Spain
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The Somiedo Natural Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2000, lies approximately 40Km south west of the city of Oviedo, 50km inland from the Costa Verde coastline, covering an area of over 300sq Km, at an altitude ranging from 250 to peaks of around 2000m.
Although the area has been shown to have been inhabited in the Bronze Age, it has changed little since.

Due to the damp climate in this part area, you will find (as in other parts of the Cantabrian Mountains), flowing rivers and rich vegetation, including dense beach,oak and birch forests. There are also a number of lakes and smaller lagoons, though some may dry out in the summer.

You will also find mountain meadows with cabins, thatched with locally collected broome and often huddled together in small groups, used by shepherds in the summer.

The wildlife here includes half of all the Brown Bears in the Cantabrian Mountains, making this the most dense population of these animals in Western Europe.
You may also likely to see deer and wolves.

The park information centre is lcated at the town of Pola de Somiedo where you will find informaiton on routes suitable for walking, mountain biking, or on horse back.
There is also an ecomuseum with information on life in the area, buildings, and tool used by local craftsmen.

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