Picos de Europa, Asturias and Cantabria, northern Spain
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Said by some to be the most picturesque scenery in Spain, the Picos de Europa also has something for everyone who enjoys outdoor activities - gentle walking in picturesque surroundings, more serious and demanding walking, rock climbing, caving, cayaking or white water rafting.

The area is limestone Kast (passages have been formed by water dissolving some of the more soluble rock), is home to some of the deepest caves in Spain and the fifth deepest in the world (upto 1400m deep) and has peaks rising to 2,600m high, which will have a covering of snow for much of the winter.

The Picos de Europa can be divided into 3 massifs, running roughly parallel to the coastline, the central and western massifs being separated by the river Cares gorge which is upto 1,500m deep.
There is a particularly spectacular walk along the gorge, to the village of Cain at its head.

The area has some good locations for bird spotting and in some or the more remote areas, there are wolfs and wild bears.

The lower areas have traditionaly been used by shepherds for grazing sheep, goats and cattle, and the area is famed for its piquant cheeses, traditionally matured in caves.

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Map of the Picos de Europa area.

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