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Velez Rubio, tucked away in the north east corner of Almeria province, just off the Granada motorway, was a medieval fortified town that was abandoned in 15th century.

Among the many churches and buildings of interest is the largest church in Andalucia province, La Encarnacion with its magnificent towers and decorated doorway.

The Royal Hospital built in the mid 1700s is now partly used as a museum where there are many artifacts from Moorish times.

The area around Velez Rubio is the location of caves featuring ancient paintings of people, animals and the famous indalo (the symbol that appears to be a man holding a rainbow over his head - now having been adopted as the symbol of Almeria province).
These cave paintings date back as far as 4000BC and can be accessed with the help of a guide, or some cases a key is made available.

Saturday is the day to visit the large market in the town.Velez Rubio

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