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 Map of Spain and Canary Isles showing location of Airports

We hope you find this area to be a useful guide but please treat it as that, a guide.
We are attempting here to show all flights from the UK or Ireland to Spanish or nearby airports, plus Spanish internal flights.

Now with information on 45 Airports in or near Spain and 26 Airlines

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La Coru�a Airport Santiago Airport Vigo Airport Porto Airport Faro Airport Oviedo Airport Santander Airport Valladolid Airport Bilbao Airport San Sebastian Airport Pamplona Airport Lorono Airport Zaragoza Airport Gerona Airport Barcelona Airport Reus Airport Madrid Airport Menorca Airport Palma de Mallorca Airport Ibiza Airport Valencia Airport Albacete Airport Badajoz Airport Sevilla Airport Jerez Airport Gibraltar Airport Malaga Airport Almeria Airport Murcia Airport Alicante Airport Perpignan Airport Granada Airport La Palma La Gomera El Hierro Tenerife South Tenerife North Las Palmas Fuerteventura Lanzarote Leon Vitoria Salamanca