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Holiday Rentals Extremadura, Central Western Spain

Map showing location of Extremadura region in Spain


Extremadura has 2 provinces:
1 Caceres
2 Badajoz

The Spanish region of Extremadura, borded to the east by Castilla La Manch and to the west by Portugal, is one of the most beautiful and least visited regions of Spain though it is probably better known to bird watchers.
Extremadura has several Natural Parks, particularly in the valleys of the two main rivers, the Tajo and the Guadiana.
Extremadura also has a number of impressive roman cities, Mérida having been one of the most imoprtant cites in the Roman Empire.
Notable gastronomy includes: Trout, Game, Sausages, Cheese and excellent wines.

The Roman theatre at Merida

The Roman Theatre at Merida


The topography of Caceres province is dominated by the Sierra de Gredos to the North West, the Sierra de Guadalupe to the South West, and the valley and plains of the river Tajo which flows westwards across the centre of Caceres, through Portugal, to meet the sea at Lisbon.
Part of the River Tajo valley forms the Monfrague National Park - a bird watchers paradise.
The city of Caceres has Roman origins and the old part is ringed by a moorish city wall with towers.
Caseres can be accessed by the airports at Badajoz, Sevilla or Madrid